As part of the congress BASS2010 has organized competitions in different categories for young double bass players:

Young adults from 18 to 36 years of age with no previous solo recordings are invited to take part in the BASS2010 Solo, Jazz, or Audition Competition. Kids and youngsters under the age of 18 can compete in the BASS2010 Youth Competition, which is divided into seven different age groups.

Prizes worth up to 5000 € have been donated from bassico, Pirastro, Thomastik, the bowmaker Christophe Collinet and the double bass maker Thomas and George Martin.

Find detailed information on eligibility and registration procedures:

• BASS2010 Solo Competition
supported by Pirastro, Christophe Collinet

• BASS2010 Youth Competition
supported by Thomastik, bassico, Pirastro

• BASS2010 Audition Competition
supported by Thomastik, Bernd and Michael Dölling, Sonores

• BASS2010 Jazz Competition
supported by D’Addario/Meinl, Thomas and Georg Martin, Thomastik, Acoustic Image

BASS2010 Solo Competition

Christine Hoock

• 1st prize Wies de Boeve
• 2nd prize Yi Jung Su
• 3rd prize Kim Namgyun

Location and date of the Solo Competition was:
4. and 5. October 2010
Universität der Künste, Berlin

Christine Hoock

Participants must be younger than 36 years of age on the 4th of October 2010 and must not have published any professional solo recordings. In the entire competition both, solo as well as orchestra tuning is allowed.

• 1st prize: 5000 € in cash sponsored by the company Pirastro
• 2nd prize: double bass bow from Christophe Collinet worth 2000 €
• 3rd prize: 1000 € in cash sponsored by Thomastik

The jury’s selection criteria in both rounds refer to the musical and technical level of the performance, the stylistic and personal interpretation, the stage presence, the level of difficulty and the selection of works performed. Jury members are Thomas Martin, Giuseppe Ettorre, Leon Bosch, Paul Ellison, Catalin Rotaru, Christine Hoock and Klaus Stoll.

BASS2010 Youth Competition

Stephan Bauer


Age group Ia
1st prize Thea Borstell
2nd prize Yin Yu Chan
3rd prize Cheuk Him Wai

Age group Ib
1st prize Hei Ching Mak
2nd prize Kelvin Ho-Him Leung
3rd prize Marie Holmer

Age group II
1st prize Benedikt Huber
2nd prize Heinrich Schupelius
3rd prize Sze Hei Lee

Age group III
1st prize Jeanne Bonnet
1st prize Hyung Ju Kim
3rd prize Chun Ho Sin

Age group IV
1st prize Nicolá van Goetze
2nd prize Hei Chun Justin Ma
3rd prize David Scherka, Albert Noven, Ho Ming Chau

Age group V
1st prize Karol Ciesluk
2nd prize Ruan Baartman
3rd prize Benedikt Büscher, Michael Karg, Juliane Bruckmann

Age group Young Students
1st prize Rodrigo Moro Martin
2nd prize Seythan Karbacak
3rd prize Francesco Platoni

Location and date of the Competition was:
8./9. and 10. October 2010
Universität der Künste, Berlin

Stephan Bauer

Participants of the BASS2010 Youth Competition must fit into one of the following age categories and must not be enrolled in any vocational music training or professional practice at the appointed cut-off date (15. August 2010):
• Age group Ia born 2002, 2003 and later ( – 8 years)
• Age group Ib born 2000, 2001 (9 – 10 years)
• Age group II born 1998, 1999 (11 – 12 years)
• Age group III born 1996, 1997 (13 – 14 years)
• Age group IV born 1994, 1995 (15 – 16 years)
• Age group V born 1992, 1993 (17 – 18 years)
• Age group JS (Young Students) born 1989, 1990, 1991 (19 – 21 years)

• 1st prize: 500.- Euro, donated from the company Thomastik
• 2nd prize: 1 bassico double bass for hire free of charge for 1 year
• 3rd prize: 1 batch Pirastro double bass strings

In each age group there is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize!

Karola Piel, Nele Weissmann, Bernhard Ziegler, Karsten Lauke, Teppo Hauto-aho, Song Choi, Caroline Emery, Jean-Loup Dehant, Gottfried Engels

BASS2010 Audition Competition

Stephan Petzold

1st prize Johanna Blomenkamp (23 years old)
2nd prize Ulrich Zeller
3rd prize Andreas Müller (23 years old) und Krasen Zagorski

4. und 5. Oktober 2010
Universität der Künste, Berlin

Prof. Stephan Petzold

1. Prize: 5000 € in cash by the company Thomastik (‘Thomastik Prize’)
2. Prize: 1 double bass bow by Bernd and Michael Dölling
3. Prize: Strings by Sonores/Gerold Genßler worth 1000 €

BASS2010 Jazz Competition

Greg Cohen

1st prize Matthias Pichler
2nd prize Linda Oh
3rd prize Matthias Eichhorn

8. and 9. October 2010
Jazz Institute Berlin

Greg Cohen

The BASS2010-Jazz-Competition is supported by D’Addario.

Participants must be over 18 years of age and younger than 36 years of age on the 8th of October 2010 and must not have published any professional solo recordings.

1. Prize (worth about 7000 €): Double Bass by Thomas and George Martin and a two year endorsement by D’Addario
2. Prize: 2000 € in cash by Thomastik
3. Prize: (worth about 1000 €): Contra SIII Amplifier by Acoustic Image

All candidates will need to send in a live recording on CD of no more than 20 minutes of length (please supply an extra copy), which should feature a minimum of three pieces with a minimum of one piece featuring the bassist in a solo role. The CD in good sound quality should be sent in copy to the following address:
Prof. Greg Cohen; BASS2010 Jazzwettbewerb; Jazz Institut Berlin
Einsteinufer 43 -53, 10587 Berlin, Germany

The CDs will not be returned. The closing date for entries is 31. July 2010.

The works recorded must be within the scope of musical jazz vocabulary. The jury will judge the entries anonymously, that is the CDs will be listened to in random order and a selection made for the semi-final round without knowing any corresponding names or biographies.

All candidates chosen for the semi finals will be notified by the BASS2010 office by 31 August 2010. Incomplete entries, entries arriving after the closing date or entries, or candidates, who have not registered online and paid the registration fee will not be considered.

All candidates selected for the semi-finals present themselves over the course of the days of October 8 and 9 at the Jazz Institute Berlin. The best three presentations will perform in an evening concert on the 9th and battle for the first, second and third prize. The total time for the overall sets in the semi-final and final round prepared must not exceed 30 minutes.
Selection criteria

The jury’s selection criteria in both rounds refer to the musician’s ability to:
• lead a band successfully with respect to time playing and group shaping.
• development of the compositional material thru improvisation and formal aspects of the piece that is being played.
• solo playing and original concepts in the creation of a solo.
• presenting an original musical statement (pulling it all together).

If music is played of sheets, copies for the jury will have to be supplied by the candidate.

In order to register for the competition, please fill in the form provided and send it along with your CD and copy. The competition guidelines with the registration form can be downloaded here. Please be aware that a registration fee of 50.- Euros is also due payable through our registration page. When paying the registration fee for the competition you will be automatically issued with a ticket to the congress, which is valid for the whole of the six days and gives you entry to all congress activities apart from concerts in the Konzerthaus Berlin.

Please note: For successful registration for the competition it is necessary to do both: Send in the completed competition registration form and CDs as well as register for the event online via our registration page!